Introducing children's gifts

Unique, hand drawn, illustrated children's names.

£5 per letter + £5 flat fee for materials and P&P.

FREE A3 sized placemat version of your art work when you order.

An illustrated nameHere is a great present to give for births, baby showers if your country "does" them, baptisms, birthdays or just general doting.

Ideal for parents and godparents alike, these are pukka hand drawn pen and ink illustrations done by a real live artist... me.

The artwork for each child's name is conceived from scratch, specifically for them. That means you can plan the illustrations for each letter if you like or you can leave it to me. Either way you will end up with an original painting.

Why name pictures make great gifts...

Here are the seven most popular reasons people who have already commissioned some name art gave as to why it worked for them:

1. Shows you care - giving a unique art work shows you have put time and thought into selecting the right gift and yet arranging it is as easy as ABC.

2. Value - sure it's a generous present but you get a lot for your money. This is a one-off, bespoke piece of art and it's yours. Each one takes at least 4 hours to complete. Excellent value I'd say.

3. Longevity - all my pictures are drawn in permanent, lightfast and colourfast inks. If you take care of them, they really will last a life time.

4. Originality – you are unlikely to turn up at a christening and find somebody else has bought the same gift as you.

5. Uniqueness – each name art picture is hand drawn from scratch. In other words, no two are the same.

6. Appeal - the child will like it and often, adults do, too.

7. It's easy - how easy? Well... I've been doing this for just over three years now and all bar 4 of my customers have gone on to commission more than one painting so it must be a reasonably hassle-free process. As one client put it:

"I didn't expect such a professional service from an artist! ...You kept me informed and did everything exactly how and when you said you would. It was excellent!"

Thank you...

So, in summary, here is an opportunity to buy a kids' gift which is not going to be broken or out of date by the end of next year. It doesn't require batteries either. What's more, if you decide you want your name in a frame and take advantage of my framing service, as well, then all you to do when it arrives is hang it on the wall and enjoy it.

Free Stuff

When you commission an illustrated name, you will also receive an A3 laminated print of your painting to use as a place mat absolutely FREE.

So, the main points again, it's unique, it's fun, it's hassle free, it's not going to break the bank and it comes with a free place mat.

Oh yes - and if you live within 10 miles of my base - Ely in the UK, in Cambridgeshire - I'll deliver it FREE to your door at a convenient time for you.

Right... I think that's covered everything. So, if you'd like to see what my name pictures look like, just click on the "Gallery" link below.


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Artist Profile

[Image] Artist Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire has always been an inveterate doodler; during lessons at school, lectures at university and later, at work, meetings.

From an early age, she also drew pictures as presents for friends and relatives, usually when she was at a loss as to what else to give them or too skint to be able to buy them a proper gift.

Gradually, they started commissioning her hand drawn artwork to give to their friends and before she knew it Drawnbyhand had appeared.

This went on quietly, behind the scenes, for some time until the friends grew up, as people do, had children and started commissioning their offspring's names in artwork. Before she knew it, a niche market appeared and Mary now earns her living drawing name art.

As well as here, online, she exhibits in a gallery in her home town.

Customer feedback

“Alexandra loves looking at her picture! We sit together and she spells out the letters of her name.” - Bev .

“My daughter doesn't know what it is yet but my wife and I are absolutely delighted!” - Steve, first time dad.

“You know how to draw things that appeal to children - which is a rare enough gift on its own - but your art appeals to grown ups, too. That's why I think it's special.” - Elaine.