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General interest

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Eel Fen Designs - embroidered clothing with a children's section. They do a great line in personalised baby clothes - check them out. - find the perfect present for the man in your life.

Showers HQ - from Acrylic Showers to Wording guides for baby shower invitations it's all on this website dedicated, as the name suggests, to any object or activity with the word "shower" in the title. - Home of the Blue Chair Movement. Help the Blue Chairs to cure lukemia by visiting their website and giving them some of your money. Proof positive that I'm not the only barking one in my family.

Logo design - LogoQuality provides UK companies with logo design. Great logo design services and business printing.


Local interest - around Ely, Cambs, UK

The Great Ely Walk - a charity walk which takes place in September in and around the city of Ely. Drawnbyhand sponsored their route map.

Family Information Booklet - Information and resources for families with young children throughout the East Anglian region.

Ely Online - a local on-line magazine about all things Ely related.

Light Work Marketing - the people who provided this website.


Other gifts for children.

Hearts and Crafts - Unique, hand-painted personalised Christening gifts.

Stuffed Animal Toys
Stuffed Animal Box specializes in Gund stuffed animals, and carries fine plush animals and toys perfect for any holiday and special occasion.

Christmas Photo Cards
Invitation Box offers one of the widest selections of party invitations, birth announcements, holiday cards, stationery products and gifts to make every occasion special.

Baby Shower Invitations
Taylor Card Company provides an entire assortment of cards from Baby Shower Invitations to Christmas, Photo holiday greeting cards, Birth Announcements, 1st Communion, Eclectic Invitations, Birthday Invitation cards and more.

Unique Gifs HQ - categorised resource directory for everything about unique gifts, check out their new baby section.

Cloisters Antiques - If you are local to Ely and would like to frame your name art yourself Cloisters is the place for you. Cloisters is also a good place to find antiques, antiquarian books and an art gallery. You can arrange a photographic session for the small people in your life, too so you'll have prints to send to family and friends.

They don't have a website but you can contact them by phone on +44 (0)1353 668558.

Artist Profile

[Image] Artist Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire has always been an inveterate doodler; during lessons at school, lectures at university and later, at work, meetings.

From an early age, she also drew pictures as presents for friends and relatives, usually when she was at a loss as to what else to give them or too skint to be able to buy them a proper gift.

Gradually, they started commissioning her hand drawn artwork to give to their friends and before she knew it Drawnbyhand had appeared.

This went on quietly, behind the scenes, for some time until the friends grew up, as people do, had children and started commissioning their offspring's names in artwork. Before she knew it, a niche market appeared and Mary now earns her living drawing name art.

As well as here, online, she exhibits in a gallery in her home town.


’Looking for a christening gift?

Here are five reasons to make it name art....

1. It shows you care enough to put time and forethought into selecting the right gift and yet arranging it is a piece of cake.

2. It’s a generous present but at the same time, not so extravagant as to be embarrassing... and it won’t break the bank.

3. It will last a lifetime. All name pictures are drawn in permanent, lightfast and colourfast inks.

4. It’s original – definitely not your run-of-the-mill baby gift.

5. It’s unique – each name art picture is hand drawn from scratch. In other words, no two are the same.

If you would like to place an order, go to our contact page and fill in the form.


Customer feedback

“My daughter doesn't know what it is yet but my wife and I are absolutely delighted!” - Steve, first time dad.

“It's fab! Even better, all the other mothers who have seen it are green with envy!” - Leigh, first time mum.

“Excellent! Now I know what to get my godchildren as birthday presents over the next year.” - Katherine, semi-professional Godmother.

“Wow! Look George! You've got an heirloom!” - Chad, 3, first time older brother.

Don't forget the Printed Alphabet Poster £5.00 plus p&p

[Image] Alphabet Poster


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