How to make learning the alphabet fun...

New Alphabet Flash Cards £10 + £1.50 p&p

Here is a great way to help your little ones learn their letters.

New Drawnbyhand 7"x5" (130mm x 180mm) alphabet flash cards feature fun, bold designs to help make learning the alphabet as easy as, well... ABC for the small people in your life.


Drawnbyhand Flash cards come in a re-sealable plastic bag for easy storage. Each card has round corners and is laminated so small, sticky finger marks can be easily wiped away. The cards can also withstand a certain amount of enthusiastic chewing.

There are three sets available which are:-

Boy flashcards: These depict things which are mostly boys or which are inherently boyish - hatching dinosaurs and the like.

Girl flashcards: These depict things which are mostly female or girlish - lots of pink and purple in this set.

Mixed flashcards: This is a combination of the two with girlish and boyish items depicted.

Studies have shown that activities such as reading books, or working through flashcards with your children can help them develop advanced learning skills for their age. This will give them an advantage when they start school which can last, literally, years.

I can't guarantee your child will be the next Shakespeare or Einstein but with any luck, you should enjoy yourselves. Drawnbyhand, hand made, alphabet flashcards come with this glowing endorsement from James, aged 5

"These flashcards are really cool!"

- Thank you, James, my marketing people love you.

Click here to see the artwork used on the flashcards.

Flashcards cost £10 plus £1.50 postage and packing - delivery should take no more than 10 days.

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Artist Profile

[Image] Artist Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire has always been an inveterate doodler; during lessons at school, lectures at university and later, at work, meetings.

From an early age, she also drew pictures as presents for friends and relatives, usually when she was at a loss as to what else to give them or too skint to be able to buy them a proper gift.

Gradually, they started commissioning her hand drawn artwork to give to their friends and before she knew it Drawnbyhand had appeared.

This went on quietly, behind the scenes, for some time until the friends grew up, as people do, had children and started commissioning their offspring's names in artwork. Before she knew it, a niche market appeared and Mary now earns her living drawing name art.

As well as here, online, she exhibits in a gallery in her home town.

Customer feedback

“I have a set of flashcards which Cameron loves to play with. They are wonderful! Just the right size for him to lay out on the floor” - Elaine, Weybridge.

“Alex absolutely loves her Alphabet flash cards. We play lots of games with it, for hours. I definitely recommend it for young children and am impressed how it has expanded Alex’s vocabulary over the year. It is also full of our favourite animals.” - Bev, London.

“You know how to draw things that appeal to children - which is a rare enough gift on its own - but your art appeals to grown ups, too. That's why I think it's special.” - Elaine, Weybridge.