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Have fun teaching your children the ABC, with this bold, informative, brightly coloured poster.

The Drawnbyhand kids' alphabet chart is an ideal present for children who are starting nursery school or beginning to read and write.

This edition of the ABC is a limited to 250 copies. It's my first print so, clearly, if I make it big, it's going to be the most collectible.

Don't miss out on this rare first. Order your alphabet print today.

All posters are dispatched rolled in a sturdy poster tube made from recycled cardboard. The poster is £5.00 plus a further £4.99 postage and packing.

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Why buy some boring, mass-produced ABC for your child when you can have this one? Even better, you can buy it signed and mounted - to find out more abut that option, use the form on the contact page to get in touch.

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Artist Profile

[Image] Artist Mary McGuire

Mary McGuire has always been an inveterate doodler; during lessons at school, lectures at university and later, at work, meetings.

From an early age, she also drew pictures as presents for friends and relatives, usually when she was at a loss as to what else to give them or too skint to be able to buy them a proper gift.

Gradually, they started commissioning her hand drawn artwork to give to their friends and before she knew it Drawnbyhand had appeared.

This went on quietly, behind the scenes, for some time until the friends grew up, as people do, had children and started commissioning their offspring's names in artwork. Before she knew it, a niche market appeared and Mary now earns her living drawing name art.

As well as here, online, she exhibits in a gallery in her home town.

did you know...?

Signed, mounted editions of the alphabet poster are also available for £20 plus p&p. To find out more please get in touch.

Customer feedback about the Drawnbyhand alphabet

“George loves his alphabet! He keeps drawing Angler Fish and his teachers think he's wonderful. ” - Helen, George's mum.

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